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POD Drink System

APEX introduces the POD Drink System.
  • Cup vending machines
  • Energy saving
  • Space saving

The APEX POD Drink System offers full-blown drip coffee with an exclusively developed low-pressure extraction mechanism. As each cup of coffee is brewed from an individually packaged POD, you are assured of fresh coffee anytime, whether you are at the office or elsewhere.
We will send our drink products to your place by delivery service.

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Machine features

Cup vending machines

Cans machines

Plastic bottles machines

Mill grinding

Universal design

Energy saving

Low CO2 emissions

Space saving

Advantages of POD Drink System

Merit1Well-selected beans

Production sites are rigorously selected, and the picked beans are roasted under optimal conditions to produce the best coffee flavor.

Merit2Cafe PODs that don’t allow taste and aroma to escape

Maximum freshness is assured at the time of brewing by maintaining the taste and aroma of the coffee under ideal conditions, with individual packs sealed in inert nitrogen gas.

Merit3Full extraction with easy operation in approximately 50 seconds

Simply open the seal of a cafe POD and place it in the machine. Delicious and easy to make. It’s perfect for the office.

Point4Enjoyable expanded menu

Premium cocoa, red tea and sencha are now in the lineup, in addition to six kinds of well-selected coffee. These products will be sent to your place by delivary service.

Merit5Easy care

There are no coffee dregs and no need to wash the apparatus. It's always clean and sanitary.

Merit6Less waste with each cup of coffee

There’s zero product waste since you extract only the amount you want. You can even customize brewing to fit your favorite coffee cup at the office.

Merit7Dependable after-sales service

We offer a tip-top support system with sales bases nationwide. Just contact your nearest base if you have a problem or question.

Click here for the list of sales bases.

*We may not be able to offer our services in some areas.

How to use

  1. 1.Just place a cup
  2. 2.Press the button.
  3. 3.Insert a POD.
  4. 4.Close the hatch.
  5. 5.And voila!


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