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Commitment to Coffee

To deliver “The Best Cup, Making Your Moment.”
APEX introduces our commitment
to provide great coffee.

Always freshly ground and freshly brewed to deliver the very best cup to our customers.

APEX is committed to delivering flavor that only comes with freshness, for enjoyment that’s just not possible with pre-processed materials. We know that optimal taste only comes from mill grinding and dripping each cup after receiving the order, with coffee beans that have been carefully handled and processed?from their selection for exclusive flavor and quality standards, to blending and roasting. To further assure the very best flavor, we keep the stored beans refrigerated and filter the water used for brewing.

Regular Coffee The keys to excellent taste

  • point1.Mill grinding and dripping for each individual cup
  • point2.Fresh raw material management
  • point3.Coffee bean selection
  • point4.Original blend

Point1Mill grinding and dripping for each individual cup by internal brewing mechanism.

Mill grinding and dripping for each individual cup by internal brewing mechanism.

Coffee beans are ground for each customer’s order, with an exclusive mill function incorporated into the vending machine.

Dripping one cup at a time

Each cup is meticulously prepared, with a high-performance brewer and extraction apparatus, using a paper filter for each customer’s order and water at the ideal temperature for brewing. This delivers rich flavor and aroma that simply cannot be obtained from coffee that is not freshly made.

Point2Fresh raw material management

Refrigerated storage keeps coffee beans always fresh

Roasted coffee beans are quick to oxidize and lose aroma and flavor. APEX has therefore incorporated a refrigerated storage mechanism inside the vending machine (some models excluded).

Stock control seal shows stock level at a glance.

The canisters used to store coffee beans and other raw materials use a seal that allows the amount of each item to be ascertained at a glance. By evaluating sales conditions and past material restocking amounts, we keep materials at optimal levels to deliver the freshest coffee every time.

Point3Coffee bean selection

Scrupulous selection of raw materials to exclusive flavor standards

APEX's regular coffee is strictly controlled from the selection of raw beans to blending and roasting, in order to meet our exacting flavor and quality standards.

Rigorous quality checking of each roasting lot

Specialists conducts sample checks in each roasting lot, for thorough quality control at every stage.

Point4Original blend exclusively for automatic vending machines

Blended to be ideally suited to cup-style automatic vending machines

We place our orders to producers with detailed specifications, including exact blend mixing and degrees of roasting, and check through repeated test drinking many times to make sure that it is produced as we designated.

Blending to customer tastes

We revise our blends to what our customers favor, including trends of the time or locality. In addition, we work collaboratively with producers to develop and deliver new tastes.

APEX's Innovative Research and Development

APEX is the sole company of its type conducting development of automatic vending machines and drink products as an independent business operator*.
We develop next-generation automatic vending machines and original drink products in collaboration with producers, by collecting and analyzing a variety of information to deliver high-quality drinks that meet customer needs and preferences.
APEX development focuses on the concept of consistently higher quality, with the intention of creating the best products by pursuing the best in all aspects of both vending machines and products. APEX innovation continues to deliver drinks that are always tasty for maximum customer enjoyment.

*Independent business operator:
A company developing comprehensive services via automatic vending machines?cup, can or plastic bottle?procuring a broad range of products from multiple drink producers, not specific to a single manufacturer, and capable of the flexibility to meet customer needs through a diverse lineup of products.

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