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APEX introduces corporation information.
  • 2000’s2000’s
  • 90’s90’s
  • 1960-80’s1960-80’s
2001 Mar Announced the mobile recycle paper fuel (RPF) vehicle.
Oct Announced the cup vending machine APEX 120QV
-- 30-50% reduction in delivery time over previous machines (APEX comparison)
2002 Jan Received company-wide ISO14001 certification.
Jul Announced the cup vending machine APEX 120QVR and APEX 100QVR.
2003 Jan Announced the cup vending machine APEX 80QI and APEX 80QR.
2004 Sep Set up the Chubu Recycling Center. Chubu Recycling Center
2005 Jan Announced the cup vending machine APEX 130REC(T) featuring a large touch screen panel.
Nov Awarded WASTEC 2005 Grand Prize and Business Activity Award.
2006 Oct Awarded the Resource Recycling Technique and System's President Award 2006.
2007 Jul Awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award.
2008 Jan Announced the system "M-one café Caffee System".
Announced the coffee server CS-1
Apr Announced the next-generation cup vending machine APEX 120QREC.
Announced the authentic regular coffee cup vending machine APEX 50RB.
2009 Nov Established APEX Nishi-Nihon Corporation.
Dec Received award following 10 successive years of meeting requirements for ISO14001 certification.
2010 Jan West Kinki vending business acquired by APEX CORPORATION West Japan through absorption-type company split.
Jul Announced the cup vending machine APEX 100QRC. APEX 100QRC
Aug Conclusion of agreement on capital and business tie-up with Coca-Cola West Co., Ltd.
Jun Completed the construction of headquarter office
•reinforced earthquake resistance
•set up solar panel
Aug Announced the system "free supply by the cup vending machine in the time of disaster"
2012 May Announced the merchandise vendor APEX AMV9
2013 Feb 50th anniversary of APEX CORPORATION
Mar Announced the cup vending machine APEX 85QVR
Apr 30th anniversary of Restaurant APICIUS
25th anniversary of NAGOYA FOODS CORPORATION
2014 Sep Announced the coffee server CSS-1
2015 Jun Announced specialty coffee series "The ORIGIN of Apex"
2016 Feb Announced the cup vending machine APEX 100RS
Jul 40th anniversary of Japan Vending Refurbishment Center
2018 Oct Announced the thickened drink cooking machine
2019 Mar Announced the micro market service
May Announced the thickened drink cooking server
1993   Announced the cup vending machine APEX TRIO
-- awarded the Good Design award for office amenities.
1996 Jan Announced APEX SPII.
1997 Dec Announced the deposit paper cup reverse vending machine "Cup Ecosit"™
1998 Oct Announced the cup vending machine APEX 120RV-Equipped with APEX Vender Vision (Liquid Crystal Display) Released Cup Recycle Systems / "Cup Ecosit"™ II.
1961 Jan Began vending machine research.
1962 Feb Researched vending machine businesses in the USA.
1963 Feb Approval of Cup Department by Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited Founded Japan Vending Service Co., Ltd, to conduct operations once designated as an operator.
1969 Mar Researched vending machine operator and cafeteria businesses in the USA.
1971   Introduction of the Japan's first specialized cold beverage vending machines.
Began using Nestle Japan's coffee.
1973 Jan Built raw materials plant.
Apr Dispatched employees to Cockrell Corporation in the USA to research vending machine operator business.
1974 Oct Set up Japan's first full line vending machine (beverage, food, and tobacco machine line) at Toyota Motor Corporation's Motomachi Plant.
1976 Jul Service department becomes independent group member Japan Vending Refurbishment Center Co., Ltd.
1977 Sep Announced the FBI600
-- our first original hot-beverage cup vending machine developed in corporation with machine makers.
1981 Jun Announced the cup vending machine APEX 2400
-- Japan's first hot - and cold - drink vending machine.
1983 Apr Opened French restaurant APICIUS.
Announced the APEX Super Brewer-303
-- with the world's first paper drip style extraction mechanism.
1984 Aug Changed the company name from Japan vending service Co., Ltd. to APEX Corporation.
1986 Jul Announced the APEX 5000 Super Brewer
-- the Japan's first left right simultaneous cup dispenser.
1988 Jan Announced the APEX AX-1
-- the Japan's first machine with "CMS-Cup Mixing System".
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