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Variety Drinks

APEX introduces a diverse lineup of drinks
from long-selling cocoa to hearty soup-style drinks.
  • Variety

  • Hot Cocoa Iced Cocoa
    Hot and Iced Cocoa
    Flavor trends and characteristicsOur most popular products since our company's inception. The finish of these drinks highlights the rich chocolate taste of the original cacao.
  • Premium Cocoa (Hot) Premium Cocoa (Ice)
    Premium Cocoa
    Flavor trends and characteristicsMade with lavish use of high-quality cocoa powder from Ghana, this cocoa is thick and creamy with a strong chocolate flavor.
  • Café Chocolat (Hot) Café Chocolat(Ice)
    Café Chocolat
    Flavor trends and characteristicsThis is the really arranged coffee created by exquisite combination of coffee and cocoa.
  • Premium Café Chocolat (Hot) PremiumCafé Chocolat(Ice)
    Premium Café Chocolat
    Flavor trends and characteristicsA freshly brewed coffee and our original “Premium Cocoa” make a superb combination.
  • Cafe Mocha (Hot) Cafe Mocha (Ice)
    Cafe Mocha
    Flavor trends and characteristicsA harmonized taste mixed bitter coffee and rich cocoa -- It's bittersweet dessert drink.
  • Creamy Coffee (Hot) Creamy Coffee (Ice)
    Creamy Coffee
    Flavor trends and characteristicsThe best choice for those who don't like straight coffee but love coffee milk.
  • Caramel Latte (Hot) Caramel Latte (Ice)
    Caramel Latte
    Flavor trends and characteristicsNot too sweet, this creamy, easy to drink, caramel flavored latte is a taste you'll never tired of.
  • Caramel Macchiato (Hot) Caramel Macchiato (Ice)
    Caramel Macchiato
    Flavor trends and characteristicsA sophisticated adult dessert beverage that mixed aromatic coffee and bittersweet caramel?just right for relaxing times.
  • Strawberry au Lait (Hot) Strawberry au Lait (Ice)
    Strawberry au Lait
    Flavor trends and characteristicsPremium strawberry au lait made from the limited crop of this renowned Japanese berry.
  • Strawberry Cocoa (Hot) Strawberry Cocoa (Ice)
    Strawberry Cocoa
    Flavor trends and characteristicsCombining the fresh flavor of strawberries and the rich taste of cocoa in one?ideal for sweet and tender moments
  • Apple (Hot) Apple (Ice)
    Flavor trends and characteristicsClear and smooth, well balanced apple flavor between acidity and sweetness..
  • Hot lemon Iced lemon
    Iced and hot lemon
    Flavor trends and characteristicsEach cup contains the vitamin C from 20 pieces of lemon. It is highly refreshing as it goes down your throat.
  • Hot Green Tea Iced Green Tea
    Green Tea
    Flavor trends and characteristicsElegant aroma and sweetness calm your heart. And of course it contains catechin.
  • Knorr corn drink
    Knorr Corn drink
    Flavor trends and characteristicsUsing 100% sweet corn cultivated at contracted farms. The optimal cup when you are a bit hungry.
  • Clam Miso Beverage
    Flavor trends and characteristicsThis Japanese drink has the flavor of shijimi, freshwater clams, and the aroma of akamiso, red bean paste, to warm you heart and soul. Containing ornithine, it is gentle to your body.
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