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Message from the President

APEX introduces corporation information.

We, APEX CORPORATION, has made a serious effort to develop beverages as a pioneer of cup vending machine operator since our foundation in 1633.
Our development included both cooking mechanism of vending machines and ingredients of beverages.
In other words, the purpose of our planning and development are related with all elements such as machine, ingredients and an operation comprehensively as a vending machine operator.

As a result, the quality of cup vending coffee has reached as high level as that of authentic coffeehouses. Actually the fresh brewed coffee providing at convenience stores is made by exactly the same cooking mechanism equipped with the cup vending machine. We are going to keep on improving our know-how more than ever before and showing customers our commitment of supreme quality of beverages.

Of course, we also promote as a very important item Can & Pet bottle vending machines. As an independent national-wide operator, we have a confidence that we are the only one who can carry a wide range of selection of beverages. Our flexible and unique selection of Can & Pet bottle and latest technology of cup coffee will be able to meet customer's expectation.

And above all, we always have a consciousness of an "environment". Considering not only our business activities, but also sustainability of countries producing coffee beans for their impact on the environment, we have been purchasing ingredients.
As a code of conduct, APEX CORPORATION engages the "sustainable company".

President & C.E.O
Kichihei Mori
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