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APEX 120QVR, 100QVR,

APEX introduces QVR series, quick vendors.
APEX QV Series
  • Cup vending machines
  • Mill grinding

Extensive research and technological innovation has enabled a significant reduction in preparation time, meeting our goal of a speedier order to delivery sequence for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Cup serving hot and cold beverage vending machine APEX 120QVR, 100QVR,80QR
Dimensions 1,830(H) x 1,170(W) x 740(D) mm 1,830(H) x 990(W) x 720(D) mm 1,830(H) x 800(W) x 720(D) mm
Weight (dry) 326kg 275kg 240kg
Power AC 100V/15A
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Machine features

Cup vending machines

Cans machines

Plastic bottles machines

Mill grinding

Universal design

Energy saving

Low CO2 emissions

Space saving

Main features

Point1Super fast drink completion

These models shorten delivery time by 30 to 50 percent compared to our conventional models.

Point2Optimal lineup and presentation for various locations

We offer a rich and varied menu to assure that customers can get the drink they want, when they want it. Machines and menus can be tailored for optimal presentation in accordance with the available space and number of customers at each location.

Dependable after sales service

Service1Responding to customer needs with data based sales management.

Analyzing vending machine data including sales, stocks and technical issues and stocks to provide time settings for automatic cleaning and restocking of hot-selling inventory.

Service2Industry's best sanitation and quality management

Comprehensive four-stage quality management system includes route manager and quality control personnel in addition to route sales, for optimal support of front-line service quality.

Commitment to Quality

Implementation of health and safety controls under proprietary standards.

Acquisition of sales business licenses

Based on the law, APEX acquires a license at the time of installation. Renewals are handled by head office data management.

Placement of food sanitation managers

Food sanitation managers are placed at all sales offices to oversee sanitation and facility maintenance.
(A total of 261 managers had earned this qualification as of 2020.)

Quality control system based on four main principles

Implementing health and safety controls under proprietary standards. (See chart on the right.)

Qualified vending machine adjustment technicians

APEX uses the national “automatic vending machine adjustment technician” test as the standard for in-company technical evaluation. Nearly half of all APEX employees have gained this qualification.
(As of 2020: 32 had qualified at the expert level, 304 as first class and 360 as second class.)

Service3Nationwide service system

Quick response from the nearest location by a nationwide sales network extending from Hokkaido to Kyushu.

Sales Bases

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