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Cup Vending Machines

APEX introduces
cup-style automatic vending machines.
  • Cup vending machines
  • Energy saving
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Space saving
  • Mill grinding
  • Universal design

The APEX series of automatic vending machines incorporate a number of original ideas and technologies. In the early 1980s, the introduction of cup-style vending machines incorporating both hot & cold functions together was a major milestone. That feature now seems commonplace, but it was an APEX first. More than a few of the industry's standard technologies today originated with such a “crystal of innovation” and grew out of accumulated trial and error in the collaboration between APEX and machine manufacturers.

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Three key points

Point1The taste of authentic mill-ground coffee from an automatic vending machine

Point2Incorporation of advanced, environmentally friendly technologies

Point3Universal design for easy understanding and use

Machine features

Cup vending machines

Cans machines

Plastic bottles machines

Mill grinding

Universal design

Energy saving

Low CO2 emissions

Space saving

Product lineup

Main Features of APEX Cup Vending Machine

Point1Cup Mixing System (CMS)

Reliable mechanism draws out all the natural goodness and heightens sanitary control

APEX’s Cup Mixing System is the ideal way to provide high-quality drinks with optimal taste and aroma, retaining the natural characteristics of individual ingredients such as coffee, sugar and cream by only combining them in the cup immediately before drinking. This system also delivers the reassurance of superior cleanliness and security, compared to conventional mechanisms. The assurance of impeccable hygiene for the drink line extends to every area inside the machine through automatic sanitation procedures, timed to take place outside of normal sales hours, as well as regular sanitation activities by quality control professionals. This is quality and cleanliness you can rely on.

Image of CMS

Point2Incorporation of advanced, environmentally friendly technologies

Saving energy with customer sensor

The Vendor Vision system senses when customers approach, switching into sales standby mode and illuminating the flavor card. When no customers are present, only the “on sale” and internal temperature displays are lit. In addition, an inverter system also saves energy even when the flavor card is lit.

Intelligent power management with “peak shift” and “peak cut” functions

These machines make smart use of available energy. The peak shift function makes ice and heats water during times of off-peak demand, helping to avoid spikes in power consumption, while the peak cut function reduces energy use during those peak periods. Using an internal microprocessor, this system is even able to anticipate conditions, through regular checking of sales data, to assure the most intelligent use of power resources.

Environmental conservation

APEX has reduced the weight of machines significantly in comparison to others, through comprehensive streamlining to eliminate unnecessary parts, and the use of thinner and lighter weight materials. This contributes to environmental conservation in various ways, including resource saving and waste reduction, along with savings in parts production and assembly, and the reduction of energy needed for transportation. In addition, APEX consistently addresses environmental concerns at every stage, including the use of parts and materials to extend vending machine life spans and lessen their impact on the environments when they are eventually disposed of.

* The above-mentioned function is not equipped with all vending machines.

Point3Universal design

Further enhancement of user drink control, with easy-to-read flavor cards and new direct button selections

Single-handed drink removal with user-friendly automatic door

Easier reading and better visual recognition.
New lukewarm water button.

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