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Commitment to Quality

To deliver “The Best Cup, Making Your Moment.”
APEX introduces a quality management system
to achieve the highest standards of quality.

Always consistent, never changing Comprehensive quality and sanitary management To deliver the very best flavor

APEX implements quality and sanitation controls, using exclusive standards. We provide clean vending machines and tasty drinks with “quadplex quality management”, including such things as daily simple cleaning and sterilization by route sales staff, regular cleaning and sterilization by quality control professionals, complete overhauls and unannounced inspections.

APEX Quality Management

  • point1.Daily sanitation
  • point2.Regular sanitation
  • point3.Maintenance at specialized facility
  • point4.Unannounced and self inspections

Point1Daily sanitation

Simple cleaning and sterilization by route sales staff as part of their daily routine

The auto sanitation function conducts parts cleaning, inside water exchange, hot water sterilization, alcohol disinfection and simple sterilization.

Auto sanitation function

On-board computers in cup-style vending machines are programmed to automatically handle processes such as rinsing the brewer to clean the extraction mechanism, and schedule automatic sanitation functions outside of normal usage time.

Point2Regular sanitation

Cleaning and sterilization every six months with special pharmaceutical compounds

Automatic quality control sanitation functions by quality control professionals.Every part of the machine that comes in contact with beverages, inside and out, is thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.

Point3Maintenance at specialized facility

Implemented when certain amounts of time and sales numbers have been reached

In a plant of Japan Vending Refurbishment Center Co., Ltd., part of the APEX group, automatic vending machines are completely overhauled and renewed through disassembly, cleaning, parts maintenance, painting, reassembly, adjustment, inspection and sanitizing.

Point4Unannounced and self inspections

Regular unannounced and self inspections of beverages

To deliver consistently high-quality products at all times, the quality management department at the APEX head office conducts product quality and microbial inspections, analyzes and evaluates the results, and implements any mentoring and education at bases that may be appropriate.

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