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Beverage Containers

Apex introduces the merit of using paper cup.

Why paper cups?

We have found that paper cups reduce energy and transport cost and protect forest resources and biodiversity. Recycling of waste paper has been proven to save resources.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)(*1)

Analysis and comparisons show that paper-cup materials production costs one-fourth to one-twelfth that of steel or aluminum production.

Transport costs to sales points

Paper cups only require only one-third the transport cost from makers to vending machines via our transport routes.

Clarification of the paper cup base paper procurement

At APEX, in order to contribute to the sound forest creation, we use legal wood and thinned wood.

Paper cup recycling

To prevent paper cup littering and to recycle resources, we developed an exclusive paper-cup recovery machine, the "Cup Ecosit" ?. Recovered cups are used to manufacture toilet paper and crepe paper and as recycled paper fuel (RPF).

(*1)What is life cycle assessment?
LCA evaluates the environmental cost of a product's life cycle from manufacturing to consumption, use and waste to compare the environmental burden among similar models before and after upgrading.

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