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Support in the Event of Disaster

APEX proposes disaster assistance,
utilizing an effective, paper cup vending machine.

The birth of the disaster response cup vending machine.

When the great earthquake struck eastern Japan in March 2011, APEX installed a total of eight cup vending machines at six large-scale evacuation centers in Miyagi Prefecture, with the idea of using our products to help with the recovery. Through these machines, we provided hot drinks such as coffee and cocoa to warm the hearts and bodies of those who were forced to take shelter.

The response we got from victims and volunteers was gratifying. “Warm drinks made us happy.” “This was our first morning cup of coffee in a month. It gave us peace of mind to return, even a little, to our normal pattern of life.” Through this experience, we recognized that our cup vending machines could be a useful part of the response when disasters occur.

We created Japan's first “disaster response cup vending machine” from the experience gained and lessons learned in assisting at this recovery and reconstruction.

Such paper cup style vending machines will be provided free of charge for a given period of time under disaster agreements. They can also provide water and hot water in an emergency to use for powdered milk or medications. In addition, we can supply certain products on request, including paper cups, soup or toilet paper.

*The security of a lifeline may be required in order to provide beverages, including water and hot water.
*Certain installation conditions must be met in regard to concluding a disaster agreement. Please contact us for details.

Case study of disaster response cup vending machine - Uenohara City Hall, Yamanashi Prefecture

Although normally there is not all that much snow in Yamanashi Prefecture, record-breaking heavy snowfall hit the Kanto-Koshin district in the middle of February 2014, shutting down the traffic network.
Uenohara City opened city facilities as shelters for people who couldn't make it home. Under a disaster agreement concluded with APEX, they used our disaster response cup vending machines, free of charge, to provide a total of approximately 550 cups over the course of five days.

Recipients expressed their pleasure with comments like, “Thank you; we’re happy to have some hot coffee,” and, “This really helped; drinking hot soup was a great relief.”

APEX staff visited Uenohara City Hall and spoke with administrative staff.

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