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Commitment to Operations

To deliver “The Best Cup, Making Your Moment.”
APEX introduces our operations, designed
to assure optimal service.

Clean and attentive operational management assuring reliability and convenience for vending machines users

While valuing the spirit of hospitality, APEX operational management also takes great care to ensure cleanliness, in order to serve our customers safe and healthy beverages. Special service procedures have been implemented in route sales for everything from machine installation to sales management, maintenance and cup collection. Our specialized staff is highly skilled and qualified to handle machine adjustments quickly, precisely and effectively if troubles should occur.

APEX Operations

  • Automatic vending machine installation
  • Sales Management
  • Maintenance
  • Used cup collection and recycling Automatic vending machine installation
  1. Vending machine installation

    Optimizing customer demand and installation environment

    APEX staff visits locations where installations are desired and presents the best options, after assuring that customer demand and environment are appropriate.

  2. Sales Management

    Supporting “The Best Cup, Making Your Moment.”

    Route sales personnel regularly travel to provide finely tuned services, including product selection, management and replenishment, sales management, cleaning of vending machines and surroundings, and used cup collection, to maintain a comfortable and attractive space.

  3. Maintenance

    Delivering safety and security customers can rely on.

    In addition to regular inspections by quality control professionals, responsible mechanical staff conducts maintenance inspections and handles any needed repairs.

  4. Used cup collection and recycling Automatic vending machine installation

    APEX recycles not only coffee cups but also the grounds remaining after regular coffee extraction.
    Recycling center staff

    APEX has established a material recycling system for paper cups in 1997 that was thought to be impossible at the time. From the next year, 1998, paper cups that were collected, have been recycled and used as sanitary paper, such as toilet paper and buffer materials.
    In addition, APEX has started to recycle coffee grounds after regular use into a fertilizer since 2008, in order to contribute on food waste reduction by promoting recycling of food.

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