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Seasonal Recommendations

APEX introduces cup drinks perfectly suited to the season.

New release Autumn and Winter 2016

    Product featuresWe blend four kind of coffee beans and create the harmony with every bean's character : mild and rich body from Colombia, elegant acidity from Guatemala, comfort bitterness from Brazil and sweet aroma from Tanzania.
    This flavor never makes you get bored of drinking it.
    TriviaIn general, blended coffee is mixed beans together before roasting. However, "THE BLEND"is "after mix method" we selected. We roast each beans separately at the very vest degree of roasting in order to bring out each character.
  • Green Soybeans and Spinach
    Green Soybeans and Spinach
    Product featuresThis potage drink made from green soybeans and spinach which are rich in protein and mineral.
    It is contained 0.1% of spinach powder and 0.03% of green soybeans powder per cup.
    TriviaGreen soybeans are young and soft soybeans.
    The spices of green soybeans are different from those of soybeans which is normally used for Tofu or soy souse.
  • Tasty seafood drink
    Tasty seafood drink "Seafoo-chan"
    Product featuresThis thick soup drink with seafood flavor.
    In a cold day, it will make your body and heart comfortably warm.
    TriviaAccording to the consumption statistic per household in Japanese major city, the largest consumer of tuna is Shizuoka city, bonito is Kochi city, yellowtail is Toyama city and crab is Tottori city. Like the above, there are various popular seafood among regions.

New release Spring and Summer 2016

  • Tropical Fruits
    Tropical Fruits
    Product featuresRefreshing tastes of tropical fruits with mango and passion fruit flavor.
    TriviaIn Japan, mango is mainly imported from Mexico. On the other hand, India is known as the largest mango producing country.
  • Pink Grapefruit
    Pink Grapefruit
    Product featuresFresh and clear acidity of pink grapefruit. That goes down your throat and makes you feel refresh.
    TriviaIt is said that pink grapefruit is rich in Vitamin C which effects to generate collagen and reduce active oxygen.
  • Iced Creamy Potato Drink
    Iced Creamy Potato Drink
    Product featuresCold vegetarian potage drink is suggestive of "Vichyssoise". It goes well with any dish.
    Trivia"Vichyssoise" is American cold soup made of potatoes and leaks. It is highly recommended when you feel a bit hungry or want something get along with meals.
  • Iced Creamy Tomato
    Iced Creamy Tomato
    Product featuresThis remains "Gazpacho". That is harmonized with pleasant acidity of tomato and creamy texture of mild cheese.
    Trivia"Gazpacho" is chilled soup of Spanish and Portuguese cuisine. It is made with tomatoes, cucumbers and some herbs. It will stimulate your appetite for sure.

New release Autumn and Winter 2015

  • Café Chocolat
    Café Chocolat
    Product featuresThis is the really arranged coffee created by exquisite combination of coffee and cocoa.
    TriviaChocolate was once famous as hot beverage until the solid chocolate was invented in the latter half of 18th century.
  • Premium Café Chocolat
    Premium Café Chocolat
    Product featuresA freshly brewed coffee and our original “Premium Cocoa” make a superb combination.
    TriviaOur “Premium Cocoa” are made with lavish use of high-quality cocoa powder from Ghana.“Premium Caf? Chocolat” allows us to enjoy strong chocolate flavor, rich body of milk and bitterness of coffee all at once.
  • Creamy Potato Drink
    Creamy Potato Drink
    Product featuresVegetarian potage drink that everyone will love ? Idaho potato gives a silky smooth finish.
    TriviaState of Idaho located in northwest of the United States is famous for potatoes and produces around 30% of them in the U.S.
  • Apple Tea, Muscat Tea, Orange Tea, Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea
    Apple Tea, Muscat Tea, Orange Tea, Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea
    Product featuresFive flavors are newly added to conventional straight tea and lemon tea. Find your favorite and enjoy tea time!
    TriviaApple, Muscat and Orange tea have fruity tastes with refreshing finish.Milk and Caramel milk tea have mild tastes and milk-rich body.
  • Hot Adzuki
    Hot Adzuki
    Product featuresEnjoy the classic flavor of adzuki used 100% Japanese beans grown in Hokkaido. Flavor of crispy small rice biscuits accentuate the taste.
    TriviaHokkaido, the largest production area of adzuki, is producing more than 80% of Japanese adzuki.
  • Hot Consomme Drinkl
    Hot Consommé Drink
    Product featuresWell balanced taste with the aromatic parsley and the spicy pepper. This flavor is something you can enjoy every day and never get tired of.
    Trivia“Consommé” comes from the French word, “to consomm?” means "to complete".To make clear and unclouded soup, consomm? is sometimes cooked for few days.
  • Creamy Tomato
    Creamy Tomato
    Product featuresMild cheese flavor and tomato’s sourness make an addictive taste.
    TriviaTomato grows in a cool climate. Since Japan extends north and south, tomato has two growing seasons. From summer to fall, Hokkaido is a largest production area of Tomato. On the other hand, Kumamoto prefecture produces most of them from winter to spring.

New release Spring and Summer 2015

  • Apple
    Product featuresClear and smooth, well balanced apple flavor between acidity and sweetness.
    Product featuresMixed with Arginine and grapefruit flavor. This is an energy drink to get through long work hours!
  • Muscat
    Cool Muscat
    Product featuresThis invigorating drink features the deliciously refreshing taste of Muscat grapes.
  • Muscat Sparkring
    Muscat Sparkling
    Product featuresA crisp and refreshing Muscat-grape flavored, carbonated beverage.
  • Muscat
    Greap Squash
    Product featuresThis lightly carbonated grape juice goes down your throat well. It is made from Yama-budo, or mountain grapes in Japan.
  • Muscat
    Strawberry au Lait
    Product featuresPremium strawberry au lait made from the limited crop of this renowned Japanese berry.

New release Autumn and Winter 2014

  • Hot Consomme Drinkl
    Hot Consommé Drink
    Product featuresWell balanced taste with the aromatic parsley and the spicy pepper.
  • Hot Adzuki
    Hot Adzuki
    Product featuresEnjoy the classic flavor of adzuki selected 100% Japanese beans.
  • Cafe Mocha
    Cafe Mocha
    Product featuresA harmonized taste mixed bitter coffee and rich cocoa-- It's bittersweet dessert drink.

New release Spring and Summer 2014

  • Brazil
    Product featuresRainforest Alliance certified beans make up 30% of this blend, featuring a deep aroma, complex taste and a crisp, clean feel despite its depth. With its robust flavor, this is highly recommended for iced coffee.
    TriviaIpanema plantation is one of the world's largest and proud of having the world's highest level of quality control. Coffee from these groves has many, many fans around the globe.
  • Melon soda
    Melon soda
    Product featuresFresh and clear. The return of a classic. A taste that carries a hint of nostalgia.
    TriviaIt is said that the word “melon” is derived from the Greek “melopepon,” meaning “one like apple.” Long ago, melons were used not only as food but in medical applications as well.
  • Cool Orange
    Cool Orange
    Product featuresOranges are the ideal hot season refreshment. We deliver natural orange flavor with a broad range of appeal for both children and adults.
    TriviaOranges contain an outstanding amount of vitamin C; two provide enough for an entire day. The king of citrus fruits, they also contain many other essential nutrients, including carotene, vitamin B, calcium and others.
  • Sparkling orange
    Sparkling orange
    Product featuresSparkling finish for adult tastes with a popping orange aroma.
    Trivia“Orange” is derived from the Spanish “neranja.” The pronunciation changed as oranges spread over English-speaking parts of the world.
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